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SSC CGL 2017 Online Mock Test: Computer Abbreviation Quiz

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This is free online mock test for upcoming SSC CGL exam 2017. Candidates may practice with this test just as model paper of ssc cgle. Give an test on "Important COMPUTER ABBREVIATION for SSC CGL 2017 exam".

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Computer Abbreviation Quiz for SSC CGL 2017 

1. EBCDIC stands for ____
A) Extended binary coded decimal Interchange code
B) Extended binary coded decimal Information code
C) Extended binary coded data Interchange code
D) External binary coded decimal Interchange code

2. CAD stands for ____
A) Computer Aided Design
B) Computer Application Design
C) Computer Aided Device
D) Combined Aided Design

3. SNA stands for ____
A) All of these
B) System Network Application
C) simple Network Architecture
D) System Network Architecture

4. OA stands for ____
A) Official Automation
B) Official Assistant
C) Office Automation
D) Online automation

5. MICR stands for ____
A) Magic Ink Character Reader
B) Modern Ink Character Reader
C) Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
D) Magnetic Ink Character Reader

6. IR stands for ____
A) Incremental Record
B) Internet Record
C) Input Recovery
D) Intellectual Rights

7. IDE stands for ____
A) Integrate Disk Error
B) Input Data Error
C) Integrated Development Environment
D) Integrated Disk Environment

8. FAX stands for ____
A) Function Application Xerox
B) Facsimile
C) Function Application Extended
D) Fast Access Xerox

9. FAST stands for ____
A) Federation against software teaching
B) Formula against software theft
C) Federation against software theft
D) Federation against system theft

10. CBT stands for ____
A) Certificate Based Test
B) Computer Based Test
C) Computer Based Training
D) Certificate Based Training


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This is free online mock test for upcoming SSC CGL exam 2017. Candidates may practice with this test just as model paper of ssc cgle. Give...

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